About Us

Who We Are

Nantucket Baking Company is a committed team of talented individuals who create and provide superior quality breads, pastries, and cakes of all sizes.

Our goal is to provide each customer unparalleled products and outstanding customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff is here to help pick out a loaf of bread to serve with a meal, to select an array of pastries to bring to a friend, or to assist in choosing the perfect cake to celebrate a special occasion.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Artisan Breads:
crafted with reverence

Nantucket Baking Co. passionately honors the ancient traditions of the baking craft! We know that every loaf has a heritage that passes through our ovens to our customers’ palates. Whether an everyday bread or a specialty loaf, each is sacred.

Cakes & Pastries:
freshest ingredients & finest quality

Our specialty menu of pastries and cakes are made from the freshest and finest-quality ingredients. Our talented pastry chefs convert these scratch ingredients into pastries that not only look beautiful, but taste delicious.

Neighborhood Service:
knowledgeable and friendly staff

Our retail staff takes pride in serving you with our signature friendly service and a willingness to give extra effort to satisfy our customers’ wishes. Each customer is our neighbor, and we look forward to welcoming you to your neighborhood bakeries.

A local business supporting local businesses!

Nantucket Baking Company believes that supporting local businesses is a key to our success.

We work with local companies to fill local needs! Our relationships with many local businesses in town is key to our success and are always looking to grow in West Michigan. Here are some of our newest local partners.